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Oval, 2019-2020

Oval, eggshell, silicone, 2019-2020



The story of Oval, begins only when the piece reaches someone’s hands. Standing on a table, the geometric formed object seems like solid and rigid. However, as soon as you hold it in your hand, you will be surprised by the unexpected tactility; it’s hollow, translucent and flexible.

The series consists of body objects made of eggshell and silicone. The shape of eggshell symbolises „ideal type“, which has to be ironically crushed into tiny pieces and turned into the human made perfect shape „geometric form“. The crushed eggshell are mosaic, laid in silicone layer and have the new property „flexibility“ and the eggshell becomes unbreakable. 

The theme of the "ideal type" becomes clearer as the work is touched and worn by the wearer. On the body, perfectly straight lines no longer exist. It curves along to the shape of the chest, adapts the „imperfection“ of the human body. 

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