We are living in a world, where we constantly need to change ourselves into a better, prettier, smarter - a perfect version of us.


What is the perfect version of us and how do we define it? In fact, our definition of the ideal type is affected by the expectation from society and therefore we try to form ourselves to a shape, which better fits into the surrounding societies.


As the title of series shows, the eggshell as a main material, carries the biggest part of the narrative, which tells stories about various status of “the expectations”.


The eggshell has the perfect shape and character in order to function as an organic carrier. However, in order to be a product sold in supermarket, it has to match other principles. These principals stem from an optimised marketability and target its shape, size and colour. The properties of an optimised product sometimes even contradict its natural function.


In the series, the eggshell has to adapt itself again to another given function. It is expected to be of another form and nature, smashed to small pieces to turn into jewellery.


The natural oval shape that was perfect for its former function, it had to leave it and takes on geometric shapes that are developed by society. To change the shape, the eggshell had to be broken first. What can also be seen as the destruction of the natural order.


Standing on a table, the geometrically formed brooches seem like solid objects made of somewhat hard material. However, as soon as you hold it in your hand, it appears to feel completely different from what you might have been expecting because of its look; The pieces are light, hollow, half transparent and flexible.


When the pieces function as jewellery, the geometric shape doesn’t stay perfect as it is when sitting on the table. On the body, perfectly straight lines no longer exist. It curves along to the shape of the chest, adapts the „imperfection“ of the human body.


In order to nestle up to someone else, it is necessary to be flexible. As a container that best protects the inside from external influences, the eggshell had to be hard and rigid. However, In the series, the eggshell has to leave again its own properties to take on the new function. Silicone allows it to have the new property „flexibility“ and the eggshell becomes unbreakable.


The transformation from perfection to imperfection, and the other way around, brings up the question, what is the perfect version of it/us in the end?

 © 2022 by  Joohee Han