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Each piece of my jewelry has the shape of seed capsules and fruits, the origin for new life, already bear signs of decline.
The shape of a seed capsule captures the ambivalent feeling about life. It is symbol of vitality, but at the same time it is the remains of something already faded away.

I carved hard-polyurethan foam into the shape of seed capsules and cut it in half to hollow it out.

The two hollowed half capsules are combined into one sphere again, which is not completely closed.
It is an open seed capsule and it shows its internal side, as if something burst a shell from inside and fell out.

Tactility and colour differentiate the external and internal side of the capsules.
The outside of the capsules is sewed with colour thread that creates complex structures on the surface.
In contrast to that the inside of capsule is covered with plaster, giving it a simple but rough tactility.

The arrangement of the capsules symbolises the force, which pulls any fruit to the ground.

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