The usual materials for the production of jewellery have a special longevity, which stands in contrast to the transience of the body. With the use of stainless steel, this contradiction is taken up, but placed in an everyday context. The excellent properties of steel for stable constructions establish the importance of steel in our life. In the commercial jewellery sector, steel is mostly used for objects associated with the image of strength and functionality, such as chronometers.


In my work, I see the material as a transmitter between our body and an urban landscape surrounding us that could not have been created without iron and steel. In order for the connection between body steel jewellery to emerge, the outer shape of the pieces imitates the appearance of fleeting structures. Organic silhouettes of clouds and soap bubbles surrounding and expanding the body. Although the limits of wearability seem to be exceeded in larger objects, the fragile appearance belies the enormous stability of the wire constructions.

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